Terra di San Mauro

Devotion for the territory at the foot of the hill

The choice of the territory at the foot of the hills gives our wines – Lagrein and Marzemino Superiore d’Isera – excellence features. The climatic conditions of the area make it suitable for quality wine-making, since the hills protect vineyards from the rigours of winter, while during the summer they mitigate excessive heat and allow for the best ripening of grapes. Cantina Mori Colli Zugna has found one of the boldest enterprise of the Serenissima Republic of Venice in Trentino against the Visconti of Milan and has decided to dedicate it to our wines. We are talking about the battleship which took place in the waters of Garda lake in 1439. The complex operation represented one of the most important work of military engineering ever made until then and, as such, it became famous all over Europe. The event is still remembered as Galeas per Montes.