Schiava Trentino DOP

Schiava Trentino DOP



This varietal has been cultivated for centuries in Trentino Alto Adige. In the past, the variety has benefited from high levels of cultivation, however in our territory it is only grown in the semi- hilly areas where it expresses its unique features best. The vine is unmistakable due to its large and succulent bunches of grapes.


The grapes, harvested in the month of September, after pressing, are left to macerate for a brief period, separated from the must that continues to ferment slowly there by preserving the fresh taste and delicateness typical of this wine.


The wine has a pinkish, rosè color and a light and delicate aroma with a light, dry and velvety taste.


Recommended food pairings are light snacks with delicate flavors such as prosciutto, risotto and white meats.

The wine should be served at a temperature of 15 degrees and Consumed on opening. Alcoholic content 11,5% vol.


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