Müller Thurgau Trentino DOP

Müller Thurgau Trentino DOP



This varietal takes its name from the Swiss researcher Hermann Müller from Thurgau who first crossed the varieties of Riesling and Silvaner Verde. It is cultivated in vineyards on the mountain side of Mount Baldo, on the slopes facing south-east at an altitude of over 400 meters.


The grapes are harvested in the second half of the month of September. The grapes remain in the press for the length of time necessary to extract the aromatic overtones present in the grape skins.
The clean must then undergoes fermentation at a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks.


The wine has a pale straw-yellow color and a pleasing aroma reminiscent of wild sage with
a dry, slightly acidulous flavor.


Recommended food pairings are hors d’oeuvres and grilled fish; it is also ideal as an aperitif.

The wine should be served at a temperature of 12 degrees and consumed on opening. Alcohol content 12,5% vol.


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