Marzemino Trentino DOP

Marzemino Trentino DOP



This native varietal prefers the soils with a basalt structure found on the lower slopes that help it to develop its organoleptic characteristics to the full.


The grapes, following careful selection in the vineyard, are harvested at the end of the month of September. The must remains in recipients for several days there by favoring the extraction of
the color, fragrance and softness that characterize the product from the grape skins.


The wine has a bright, brilliant ruby red color and a delicate aroma dominated by overtones of forest fruits, accompanied by hints of blossoms (Parma violets).On the palate it is dry and rounded
with a slightly bitter finish.


Recommended food pairings are first courses, white meats and also dishes prepared with
mushrooms which exalt its flavor.

The wine should be served at a temperature of 18 degrees and consumed on opening. Alcohol content 12,0% vol.


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