Our story

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Great stories come from far away. It was the year 1957, a turning point for some farmers from Mori who raised their head after years of struggles and problems caused by the war.

Mori’s agricultural economy was based on a closed type of production, while families took all the necessary to live from the land. This way of living was going to finish. Apparently, the solution could be only one: to join forces and develop a cooperative which could give everybody the chance to cultivate also small plots of land.

A real answer to the need for a solution which could provide both social and productive cohesion. Thus, in February 1957, Cantina Sociale Mori was founded.

Two years later, in 1959, in the Serravalle area, Cantina Sociale Colli Zugna was founded. Same story and aims. This cooperative invested in innovation and expressed its identity promoting projects helping the development of the territory. It was the beginning of a territorial culture based on efficiency and responsibility. A compact and competitive energy which is still looking at the future without betraying its origins.

A path leading to the aim of producing quality wines expressing in the best way both territory and features of the winery.