The wine bar

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Lunedì 15-20
Martedì 9-13 15-20
Mercoledì 9-13 15-20
Giovedì 9-13 15-20
Venerdì 9-13 15-21
Sabato 9-13 15-21
Domenica – Chiuso

Le visite guidate sono su prenotazione e si effettuano fino a un’ora prima della chiusura.


1 e 6 gennaio, 16 e 17 aprile , 1 maggio,15 agosto, 1 novembre, 25 e 26 dicembre.


Tel. +39 0464 918154

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The wine bar is the perfect location to taste Cantina Mori Colli Zugna’s wines. Wine, design, hospitality and Trentino traditions meet and talk to each other in a location designed to give people’s gestures their right value and visitors good emotions.

The staff of the wine bar is professional, friendly and experienced. With gentleness and kindness, they lead every guest into the world of Cantina Mori Colli Zugna’s wines. Cold cuts and traditional food specialties are also served. The wine bar can be considered as a case full of food and wine specialties where one can taste and get the best of the culinary tradition.

At the wine bar, one can feel the spirit of conviviality of the winery, along with the pleasure of being together and sharing moments of relax, working breaks and aperitifs. The wine bar with its space is suitable for multiple purposes, thanks to a conference hall supplied with an audio-video system and ideal for tasting sessions and business meetings.

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