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Un sorso di Trentino

Cantina Mori Colli Zugna

Cantina Mori Colli Zugna is a small but solid cooperative which makes wine great, a precious combination of technology and tradition under the direction of the wine expert Luciano Tranquillini.

A diversified territory with a multitude of micro-zones and shades which extends across the Val dell’Adige and the lower area of the river Sarca. Southwards, it climbs up to the Brentonico plateau, on the slopes of Monte Baldo, whereas, in the north, it extends towards the Val di Gresta.

About six hundred members for seven hundred hectares of land planted with vines are the tangible answer to the need for a structure which could help both social and productive cohesion. Tradition and innovation work together to show how every single bottle of wine can become a vehicle of culture as well as represent place attachment and respect for the territory through a mission based on cutting-the-edge technologies.

Built underground in 2011, the new Cantina Mori Colli Zugna winery can combine experience and sustainability thanks to its system allowing for the traceability of wines up to the vineyard taken into consideration and thanks to its geothermal system, a photovoltaic system and a rational use of water which made it possible a reduction in consumption of 70%. It is also provided with a “drop” production system which preserves the integrity of raw materials. We are talking about real forms of intelligent technology rather than simple expedients to promote a sustainable way of living capable of preserving and improving the environment. Nature becomes architecture and embraces with its vineyards the whole building which guards the wines.